Pisces Horoscope 2020

The year 2020 will remain a good and favorable year for Pisces Moon Sign according to the 2020 Pisces Horoscope. Jupiter is transiting into the Career or Profession House for you which are favorable for getting a good career in the future.

The placement of Jupiter in the Tenth House (House of Career) until 20th November 2020 is good news for the Pisces Moon Sign. You will see many positive changes in your professional life during this period of time.

In 2020, Saturn will be placed in the Seventh House (House of Friends) for the Pisces Moon Sign. This is going to be good for your financial growth but your friends will prove to be a hindrance in sustaining the financial growth. They will remain one of the major reasons for your high expenses which will make saving money a hard task to continue and will drill big holes into your pocket.

Until 23rd September 2020, Rahu will be posited in the Fourth House (House of Family Relationship and Property Matters) after which it will move into the Third House (House of Siblings, Gallantry and Travels) for the Pisces Moon Sign. Ergo, it will be the major reason behind your mental stress related to your home and family according to Pisces 2020 Horoscope.

Similarly, until 23rd September 2020, Ketu will be positioned in the Tenth House (House of Career) for the Pisces Moon Sign. During this time you will experience many ups and downs and unexpected changes taking place in your life.

Post 23rd September, the shadow planet Ketu will move to the Ninth House (House of Fortune). As a result, you will receive great success during this period of time. However, your boss or seniors will keep you on the tight leash to bring out the best in you. Luck will be on your side and never fail to surprise you in multiple ways during this period of time.


On the career front, there are strong chances that you will gain power and authority in your professional life which will further help you to jet-speed your career progress further. According to the 2020 Pisces Career Horoscope, you will get promoted during this year. Your seniors, bosses, and people in authority will never fail to extend their support and guide you on the right path in order to help you do better in your career. You will also be expected to get a little more involved and take initiatives to lead in some of the important projects in order to show your interest in your career growth along with the company’s growth.

For the Pisces Moon Sign, Jupiter will be placed in the Tenth House (House of Career) until 20th November 2020 after which it will move into the Eleventh House (House of Income). Consequently, it will bring change in your career along with a decent increment in your salary. However, you will have to face many ups and downs along with challenges in your professional life as well.

You will be able to get the required financial aid and a new business deal as well due to the movement of Saturn in the Eleventh House (House of Income) for the Pisces Moon Sign in 2020. Saturn will help you in fulfilling your wishes, dreams, and aspirations you have as well.

The Sun will transit in the Libra Sign in a debilitated stated commencing from 17th October to 16th November 2020. This is not good news for your professional growth as it will restrict any favorable results related to the same.

From 17th February to 10th March, Mercury will remain in the retrograde state for the Pisces Moon Sign. Ergo, you need to be excessively cautious regarding your investments, business deals, and any written communication via e-mail at your workplace.

The planet of wisdom Jupiter will be accompanied by Ketu commencing from 23rd September 2020. During this period of time, you might feel underappreciated and unrecognized at your workplace. However, Jupiter is asking you to stay calm and work with patients as it is a master of knowledge and will sure you reap the fruits of your hard work and efforts. Post 23rd September 2020 all your problems will find a suitable solution and get resolved.


Finances also look stable and growing. As Saturn is transiting into your House of Income 24th January 2020 onwards, it will bring monetary or financial growth for you. You will see a positive and high rise in your salary and new income sources will also open up from all directions for you during this year. Try and avoid any investment in any speculative activities this year in order to avoid any uninvited financial trouble or burden for you.

Jupiter will be posited in the Tenth House (House of Career) will bring good financial gains from your career. The presence of Jupiter will prove to be a blessing in disguise in increasing your salary in 2020. However, the presence of Ketu along with Jupiter until 23rd September 2020 might make you feel chip on one’s shoulder for your ability to get the expected gains.

The hard taskmaster Saturn is going to be present in your Eleventh House (House of Financial Gains and Friends Circle). As a result you will have high expenses incurred on long-distance traveling to foreign places during this period of time. Similarly, expenses on health will short through the roof during this time period for you if you did not keep a check on your unhealthy habits.

From, 15th January to 13th February 2020 the king of all planets Sun will be posited in the Eleventh House (House of Income and Gain). However, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter who is the arch-enemy of Sun which means you will have huge financial and monetary gains this year but it will not be able to achieve them without struggles and hard work.

It will not be a good idea for you to get into an argument or conflict with your colleagues or coworkers with whom you are doing business during this period of time of Sun as things may turn ugly and would cost you both in terms of money and relationship.

The placement of Venus in the Third House (House of Siblings, Gallantry and Travels) commencing from 28th March to 1st August will help get financial help from your younger sibling.

Love and Romance

Love will also be a reason for happiness and prosperity for you as you may find the love of your life from 2nd September to 28th September 2020 which will fill your life with a new perception and direction of life. You will be able to spend some quality time with your new partner and try to understand them on a closer level.

For those of you who are looking for commitment, you will be able to find one during the period from 24th October to 17th November 2020. Your mutual understanding and trust will grow exponentially for one another and you will be able to take things further and discuss it with your family for their final approval which will be a cakewalk for you.

The presence of Saturn in the Eleventh House (House of Income) will impact your sexual life which can be the reason for your feeling of detachment from physical pleasure in your relationship.


If you are a married Pisces Moon Sign native, things do not look extremely bright for you. During 2020, you need to extra careful about avoiding any argument or conflict with your spouse or life-partner especially during the retrograde period of Jupiter and Saturn commencing from May to September 2020.

The influence of Saturn in the Eleventh House (House of Income) will affect your sex life which will have a deep impact on your marital life. You will also feel detached from physical pleasure and relationship with your spouse.


The presence of Jupiter in the Tenth House (House of Career) for the Pisces Moon Sign will bring positive influence in your family life. You will have good family time together and the family environment will remain happy and healthy.

However, the debilitation of Mercury starting from 7th April to 25th May 2020 will make you face some challenges or tension at the home front related to your home or the health of any of your family members.

The overall health of a Pisces native looks good. However, you may go through some mental stress and pressure due to the bad health of your parents. Try and be around your parents as much as possible as they certainly need your care and attention the most during this year.  Your spouse will also need your care and attention from May to September 2020 due to the retrograde period of Saturn and Jupiter.