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Pisces 2019 Horoscope

Pisces 2019 Horoscope: Get ready for a sudden turn of events in 2019, Pisces, as things seem to change their pace. A lively period is onto you and all your pending work will be completed now. Expect resolution to any ongoing issues and a smooth running of matters. Success will be yours but only after hard work and diligent efforts. Avoid hasty actions and keep a grip on your thoughts. Think before you act and take decisions after carefully measuring all the available options.

Pisces Career Horoscope 2019

Pisces, Jupiter transits your 9th house, which is the house of fortune and spiritual growth. It aspects your 1st, 3rd and 5th house. In 2019, Saturn is transiting your 10th house i.e. the house of career. Success will be your in all ventures, but only after delays. Growth and progress is quite likely on the professional front, but you may have to wait for some time till you get the desired results. If in a job, then the period till October 2019 holds strong promise for positive developments and rise in reputation at work. Your career horoscope 2019 denotes that you may receive a promotion. For businesspersons, the months of November and December indicate good profits and desired gains in business.

Pisces Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

For love and marriage, your horoscope points at mixed results in 2019, Pisces. The year may start on a rough note. Till March, your bonding with your lover may suffer. Quarrels due to misunderstandings and confusion are likely, which may result in stressful conditions for you. Be very careful and diplomatic in this period, as a petty matter might end up in a breakup. Remain patient. The year looks mostly good for marriage life. Singles may find a suitable partner this year. If you plan on taking your love relation to the next step and are considering love marriage, then the months of June and July seem favorable. The period from September to October is auspicious for arranged marriages.

Pisces Finances Horoscope 2019

Financially, 2019 will be mixed for you, Pisces. Income and profits look mostly good till March. After that, things may remain sluggish. A rise in expenses throughout 2019 will keep you worried. For betterment, you should avoid spending wastefully. Savings will improve but only after October. Till then, remain very careful and alert towards your expenses. Pisces finances horoscope 2019 signifies that investments can be suitably made this year after careful research. Property and real estate are expected to fetch good profits to investments after the month of April. You may invest in share market during the months of November and December.

Pisces Children Horoscope 2019

The year 2019 will remain mediocre for your children, Pisces. Though their nature looks mostly pleasing throughout the year, they may face some distractions till March. Spending countless hours with friends and on social media can severely affect their studies and time management skills. Diplomatically, try to bring them back on track. This is an important time for their career and you will have to make them understand its importance carefully. After March, things will change significantly and chances are their outlook will improve significantly.

Pisces Family & Health Horoscope 2019

Pisces, 2019 appears to be a comfortable period for your domestic front. Relations with family members are likely to remain soothing. Mutual respect and peace will prevail among the members of the family. Parents will support you majorly. You may plan a family trip that will ease some mental pressure off your mind. Occasional health ailments are possible for your parents and you should remain careful about it. In case of an infection or other issues, immediately consult a doctor without fail. Your own health looks mostly good this year. Yet, keep a check on your diet and exercise regime to stay fit and in a good shape. Pisces family and health horoscope 2019 emphasizes that you should avoid overthinking over petty matters, as it will only stress you out.

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope: The year 2019 looks to be action packed for you, Aquarius. A lively schedule will keep you on your toes and satisfaction levels are likely to increase. Raise the bar with your hard work, as you set an example for those around you. Your courageous persona will earn you a name and reputation along with the desired profits. However, for better results, avoid an egotistical attitude and remain humble.

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2019

Jupiter is transiting your 10th house of career and aspects 2nd, 4th, and 6th house. Saturn transits your 11th house i.e. the house of income for the entire year. Aquarius, your career horoscope 2019 indicates a rosy term for you professionally. Your job will see progress and significant growth till November, with a possible rise in your position and power at work. Your income is expected to increase considerably this year. If running a business, then the months of November and December will bring good profits and desired gains. Before that, matters will run smoothly and you should remain patient.

Aquarius Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

The prospects of love and marriage look mostly average in 2019, Aquarius. Love and Marriage horoscope 2019 depicts that clashes and quarrels are possible with your partner. Marital life may face disputes due to misunderstanding and you would need to be patient and calm to sort things peacefully. If single and seeking a partner, chances are that after April, you may suddenly enter a romantic relationship. The period from 23rd March 2019 to 16th April seems good and comfortable for considering marriage, and all marriage related matters will proceed evenly without difficulties. This would be the apt time to tie the knot.

Aquarius Finances Horoscope 2019

Saturn is the lord of your house of income in 2019, Aquarius. The period after May will see a surge in your income and sources of income. However, a rise in expenses can keep you stressed. Spend wisely and avoid wasteful expenses for ensuring financial stability. Savings will continue to increase till October 2019, after which some hiccups can trouble you. If considering to invest your money, then property and real estate would bring desired profits if you make investments between April 2019 to October 2019. Investments made in share market from May 2019 to December 2019 will yield beneficial gains. Finance Horoscope Aquarius denotes that you should not spend to impress anyone, as it will only bring you losses.

Aquarius Children Horoscope 2019

This year will largely bring positive results and good news for your children. Their temperament looks cordial and outlook towards studies will mostly be positive. They may get admission in a school or college of their choice. Children horoscope 2019 implies a good year broadly, with results and academic performance at par with your expectations. They may win prizes and accomplishments at school, which will make you proud. The period from April 2019 to October 2019 will see good developments on their academic front. The best period in 2019 for your children would be the months of November and December.

Aquarius Family & Health Horoscope 2019

Aquarius, your family front appears to be facing some elements of disturbance in 2019. Your Family horoscope points at a rough period ahead, and you should proceed carefully. While bonding with your parents will mostly remain harmonious, the months of February and March can see your bonding with younger sister suffering to an extent. Keep a check on your aggression and avoid using of harsh speech. Your father

Capricorn 2019 Horoscope

Capricorn 2019 Horoscope: Another year dawns ahead, Capricorn and things are looking up for you. New beginnings, better profits, and a brighter love life await you. With the bountiful supply of opportunities, 2019 should be a bright new chapter in your life. Make sure you are prepared for is about to come and strictly avoid overconfidence. Remain patient and act as the need of the hour. Things may not always work in your favor, but you should not let that demotivate you. Be steady, be cautious, and be ready!

Capricorn Career Horoscope 2019

Jupiter transits your 11th house this year, Capricorn and aspects your 3rd, 5th, and 7th houses. Saturn is transiting your 12th house, with aspect on the 2nd, 6th, and 9th houses. You are going through the first phase of Sade Sati, as per your chart in 2019. Professionally, you may face some turbulence and delays; however, eventually, you will come out victorious. Jobholders will enjoy a mostly stable and successful year, with minor hiccups troubling you occasionally. The month of October holds promise for exceptional growth on the work front, as depicted by Capricorn career horoscope 2019. Business may see a mediocre period now, with usual profits and gains coming in. The period from April 2019 to October 2019 appears to be good for businesspersons.

Capricorn Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

For love and marriage, 2019 is a widely rosy period, with plenty of romantic ventures on the horizon. Your relation with your partner will be cordial and soothing, if you are dating someone. You may plan to move a step further and consider marrying your sweetheart. Although singles seem to experience an average time, the month of June holds strong chances for you to meet a potential partner. If planning to marry this year, then the months of February and March would be auspicious. Marriage life can face some clashes and you should proceed with care. The start of the year might remain rough for you, but marital bliss will be restored from April onwards and Capricorn love and marriage horoscope indicates a positive period after that.

Capricorn Finances Horoscope 2019

Capricorn, 2019 looks mostly favorable for your financial prospects. From April 2019 to October 2019, your income will rise and financial stability will prevail. However, wasteful expenses and lavish spending can see a dip in your savings. Keep your expenditures in control and avoid spending to impress others. With rising expenses seen throughout 2019, you should be careful while investing your money. Months of February and March seem good for making property or real estate related investments. Share market and speculation are not so favorable and you should avoid considering them for investing in 2019, as Capricorn 2019 finances horoscope shows chances of a possible monetary loss.

Capricorn Children Horoscope 2019

This year, your children will experience a joyous period with brilliant scope for growth and progress, Capricorn. Their outlook towards studies and academic performance will be at par with your expectations. Admission in a school or college of their choice is quite possible and their nature will be fun-filled and cordial. However, the time after October may see distractions for them. Social media and spending time with friends will majorly attract their attention and their studies are likely to suffer to an extent. Deal with this situation diplomatically and avoid scolding them unnecessarily.

Capricorn Family & Health Horoscope 2019

Capricorn, your family front seems to be experiencing a comfortable atmosphere in 2019. Your 2019 horoscope indicates a strong bonding with your elder brother this year and mutual understanding will greatly improve. In terms of health, however, this year seems strenuous. The health of your spouse, if married, seems to deteriorate till March. Your own well-being may be affected after April due to stress and tension. Avoid overthinking over petty issues and learn to take things lightly. Plan a family trip and let your senses breathe for a while.

Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

It is time to rejoice, Sagittarius, as your horoscope for 2019 is here! Things look promising ahead of you and plenty of chances are lined up. Expect the year to be bright on most of the fronts, yet be prepared for things that might not work your way. Patience and hard work will get you through tough times and fetch you success in the golden periods. Be prepared for lies ahead and let the Sagittarius 2019 horoscope unveil the secrets to you.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2019

Jupiter is transiting your 12th house, Sagittarius and it aspects your 4th, 6th and 8th houses till 7th November. Saturn transits your 1st house this year and is aspecting 3rd, 7th and 10th houses. This year, you will experience the 2nd phase of Sade Sati as per your birth chart. Your career will see a progressive rise this year, though delays are quite likely. Chances of a promotion are there but matters may take time to finalize. If running a business, then the start of the year may remain slow for you and you can expect improvements after March. The year will mostly favor jobholders throughout, with September showing significant growth at work front. Increase in power and responsibilities are broadly indicated by Sagittarius career horoscope 2019.

Sagittarius Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

Romantic relations will enjoy a splendid year ahead and new experiences with your partner will introduce you to eternal pleasure and peace. Your search for a suitable partner might finally end in 2019, if you are single and still searching for your soul mate. Lovebirds, this year holds promise for taking your relationship all the way to marriage. While prospects of love marriage are largely favored, this would be an appropriate time to setup a meeting of your parents with your love interest. If waiting on your parents to find you a suitable match for arranged marriage, then again, fruitful results are denoted and you are likely to find your dream partner soon. Sagittarius love and marriage horoscope 2019 depicts that the months of May and June seem favorable for start of new relationships, June would be an auspicious time to consider arranged marriage, and for love marriage, the time after October is favorable. Marital life would need a patient and diplomatic handing throughout the year.

Sagittarius Finances Horoscope 2019

This looks like a sparkling year for your finances, Sagittarius. Things will finally fall into place and savings will enhance as per your expectations. New sources of income will help your funds flourish and income will be good throughout 2019. However, keep your expenses in check, as they seem to be on a rise this year. Sudden gains are likely from January 2019 to March 2019. Investments are also showing profitable returns now. Sagittarius 2019 finances horoscope implies that share market will yield good profits if invested in after April, while the period before the month of October is favorable for investing in property and real estate.

Sagittarius Children Horoscope 2019

Your children are likely to observe an average year largely. In general, their performance will remain good. Admission in a school or college of their choice is quite possible this year. The months of February and March will see improvements in their results and studies, though the brightest period in 2019 is depicted in the months of November and December, as per the Sagittarius children horoscope 2019. Their behavior looks mostly good and cordial throughout 2019.

Sagittarius Family & Health Horoscope 2019

This year seems to affect you mentally more than physically. Stress and tension might keep you occupied and in low energy. Things may improve after April and you should plan a trip with family members to make things better. Relations with family seem cordial and in bright spirits. Your bonding with your mother looks particularly cordial. If married, take care of your partner

Scorpio 2019 horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

Scorpio, your horoscope for 2019 brings about a stellar period with great new options that pave your way to success. The events indicated ahead are bound to sweep you off your feet and you must learn to maintain a balance now. You will emerge victorious eventually, though delays might try to pull you down. You must proceed diligently and have faith in your hard work.

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2019

Jupiter transits in Scorpio i.e. in your ascendant now. Scorpio, Jupiter is aspecting your 5th, 7th and 9th house this year. Saturn is transiting your 2nd house in 2019 and you are amidst the third phase of Sade Sati this year. Professionally, 2019 may remain a passive year mostly, though certain golden periods will mark delightful results for you. Scorpio 2019 career horoscope implies that success will be yours, though delays are likely in all ventures. If working in a business, you will observe a favorable period till the end of October 2019. Profits and gains will continue in the prevailing fashion, though payments may reach you later than expected. If in a job, then from November onwards, your efforts will begin to take shape and produce fruitful results.

Scorpio Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

Matters of heart will see positive developments in 2019 for you, Scorpio. Relation with your partner will mostly be cordial and harmonious. You may plan to travel together this year. Chances of a love marriage are also on the horizon and Scorpio love and marriage horoscope 2019 points at a favorable year for the same. While most of the year seems good for love relations as well as marital life, the months of January and June are particularly in favor of start of new romantic relations. You are likely to meet your future partner in this time. If planning your marriage, then January would be auspicious to tie the knot.

Scorpio Finances Horoscope 2019

Financially, the year 2019 puts you in a strong position, Scorpio. Rahu is transiting your 8th house. From April 2019 onwards, you can expect a rise in your income and sources of wealth. Sudden gains are possible this year, which will further boost your monetary condition. Expenses seem to be under control. Avoid spending wastefully or to impress others. If thinking about investing, then be very careful and avoid investing under someone

Libra 2019 Horoscope

Libra Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

Libra, 2019 Horoscope sheds light at new ventures and experiences for you. The year ahead holds a surplus of events that will bring a smile on your face. You will don a brave and confident persona now, which will see you victorious on most fronts of life. All good things come after due hurdles and this year will be no different. Approach diplomatically and prepare well in advance for everything that 2019 throws at you.

Libra Career Horoscope 2019

Libra, your chart has Jupiter transiting the 2nd house, as it aspects your 6th, 8th, and 10th houses. Saturn transits your 3rd for the entire 2019. Your career will see positive developments and chances of growth and progress till the end of October. A promotion is quite possible for you this year; however, remain careful, as your enemies or competition is likely to remain active this year. Don

Virgo 2019 Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

The Virgo 2019 Horoscope points at an eventful year ahead. With promise for a fulfilling time, the year brings signs of new openings and achievements for you. Be courageous and proceed towards your goals with confidence. Success will eventually be yours but it won

Leo 2019 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

The Leo 2019 Horoscope unveils a bright new picture for you. The year 2019 brings with it the promise for new opportunities and a plethora of beneficial chances. Make sure you grab and immediately capitalize on them to make the most out of this year. No good thing comes without a downside to it though. Expect a few bumps along the way, and with your courage and bravery, overcome whatever hurdles try to bar your success.

Leo Career Horoscope 2019

In your chart, Jupiter is transiting the 4th house and aspects your 8th, 10th and 12th houses till 7th November 2019. The year looks mostly good for your career prospects. New projects and work orders will come your way. A promotion is possible before November 2019, while a rise in salary is likely after November. Saturn transits your 5th house and aspects 7th, 11th and 2nd houses. As per Leo Career horoscope 2019, all of the year is favorable for businesses and you may expect sudden gains at work till November 2019. If seeking a govt. job, then the periods 15th April to 15th May, 18th August to 17th September, and 17th December 2019 onwards may bring the desired results.

Leo Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

The year 2019 shows a rosy period for romantic bonding. If married, you can expect plenty of amorous ventures with your spouse this year. Your relation will mostly be cordial and plans of traveling together with result in beautiful memories for a lifetime. If in a relationship, then it is time to consider taking it to the next step and take the plunge of marriage. Romantic relations may face hurdles now. You need to be diplomatic and careful; otherwise, your relation may very well be on the verge of a breakup. If you are sure of your feelings for your partner, the best choice would be to settle down with them and let your love blossom over time. Leo Horoscope for love and marriage 2019 indicates that the period from 30th January 2019 to 24th February supports start of a new love relationship and the period from 23rd March 2019 to 16th April is auspicious for tying the knot.

Leo Finances Horoscope 2019

Financially, the year 2019 seems highly profitable for you, Leo. You can expect your income to rise significantly this year, with hefty profits and gains indicated in the Leo finances horoscope 2019. After 24th March, your income will observe a boost. Chances are profits from new work or projects will come your way now. A similar push is expected after 7th November 2019, when Jupiter aspects your house of income. If seeking a loan, you may apply for it this year. Share market is a favorable area for investing and you may do so after March. If choosing to invest in property or real estate, then the months of February and March will be profitable.

Leo Children Horoscope 2019

Leo, 2019 looks mostly favorable and positive for your children and their studies. Their outlook will mostly be positive. They will be energetic and motivated. While initially, they seem to remain sluggish till March, things will change drastically after that, and their academic performance will enhance largely. Your coordination with them is expected to remain smooth and harmonious.

Leo Family & Health Horoscope 2019

For your family front, the year 2019 may remain a period of confusions. Your bonding with your mother may face difficulties till November. Avoid using a harsh speech or getting involved in clashes with her. Relations with your siblings may suffer after March due to misunderstandings and lack of communication. Remain careful and proceed patiently. Your health looks mostly good this year, though Leo family and health horoscope for 2019 indicates possibility of skin infections during the initial stages of the year. Be careful towards any such ailments till the month of March.

Cancer 2019 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

The Cancer 2019 Horoscope brings about a period of change. The year 2019 promises growth and advancements for you on all fronts and the turning points in your life may leave you spellbound and caught off-guard, if you are not prepared for it in advance. However, you should also remain careful towards the times when your patience and skills are tested. Proceed cautiously and strictly avoid an overconfident or hasty approach.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2019

As per your chart Cancer, Jupiter is in your 5th house and aspects your 9th house, 11th house and 1st house till 7th November 2019. Professionally, the year looks mostly good. Till November, prospects for your income and fortune look bright and a rise in salary is quite possible. The year is particularly favorable for jobholders, with enhanced power and position on the horizon. Relations at work with superiors and coworkers will mostly be cordial. Cancer Career Horoscope 2019 indicates chances of promotion during the months of November and December. If working in the fields of teaching, management, social work, or spirituality, then you will experience an exceptionally rewarding year. If in business, then the year will remain average for you. Expect mediocre results this year and remain patient.

Cancer Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

Matters of love and marriage may observe mixed results in 2019. At the start of the year, Venus is transiting Scorpio. The month of January looks good for new beginnings and romantic relations. By the end of February, Venus will transit Capricorn. The period from 25th February 2019 to 22nd March 2019 marks an auspicious period for tying the knot and stepping into marital bliss. However, 2019 Cancer Love and Marriage horoscope depicts that 11th April onwards, things may take a rough turn for matters of the heart. Clashes and quarrels may spoil your bonding and you need to proceed diplomatically. Some relief is likely after mid-August 2019. If married, then 2019 is largely depicted under hazy conditions and you should adopt a calm approach.

Cancer Finances Horoscope 2019

Cancer, your finances look in a good shape throughout 2019. Jupiter aspects your house of income till November. New sources of income are likely for you. A rise in pay may further improve your financial condition. Though Cancer 2019 Finances Horoscope points at increasing expenses after 24th March, a good flow of funds will help you maintain a balance. A significant increase in your wealth is depicted after October 2019. Throughout 2019, avoid taking a loan. If looking to invest your money, property or real estate would be a favorable area, particularly during the months of February and March. Investments in the share market are not much favored and should be avoided for now.

Career Children Horoscope 2019

The year ahead looks mostly good for your children, Cancer. The period till 7th November will see mostly bright results. Their performance is expected to be good and admission in a school or college of their choice is possible. However, guide them constantly about stepping away from overconfidence. The 2019 Cancer Horoscope for children implies some distractions after 7th November, when they may lack focus. Success will come only at the hands of hard work. They may become irate now and your bonding with them may suffer to an extent.

Cancer Family & Health Horoscope 2019

Your family from looks disturbed somewhat throughout 2019. Relations with your parents will mostly be cordial. However, clashes and quarrels with siblings can affect your bonding. Keep a soft tone of speech and avoid an aggressive approach. Health of your mother may need your attention after 24th March and this may keep you stressed. Avoid overthinking and maintain a logical outlook towards matters. Cancer family and health horoscope for 2019 indicates that your health may suffer this year due to bone related issues such as back pains, joint pains, etc. Practice yoga and exercise regularly to see betterment.

Gemini 2019 Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

Gemini, the 2019 Horoscope hints at a cosmic turn of events that unfold pages with new stories for you. Your dreams take shape and are soon to be reality. The eternal light shines on all aspects of your life and you are likely to come out with flying colors at the end of the year. No time is without hardships though, yet you will do well and your courage will help you sail through easily.

Gemini Career Horoscope 2019

The Gemini 2019 Career Horoscope indicates that Jupiter in your 6th house in Scorpio till 7th November 2019 and aspects your houses of career, expenses and traveling abroad. This brings spectacular chances for you to work abroad this year, if trying for it. In general, this period is highly favorable for growth and progress of your career. Saturn aspects your fortune house and the ascendant. This bestows you with prosperity and an enhanced personality. Rise in position and responsibilities at work are quite possible this year.

Gemini Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

Gemini 2019 Love and Marriage Horoscope depicts a mediocre period for you. Venus is posited in Libra from 5th October 2019 to 28th October 2019. This period marks a favorable period for start of new relations and for tying the marital knot. From 22nd November 2019, Venus transits your house of marriage. Thus, the time after November seems highly auspicious to consider love marriage. Throughout the year, overall harmony in relations may remain slightly disturbed though. Keep a humble and calm temperament and avoid aggression at all times with your partner. Matters of marriage will be finalized but may face delays.

Gemini Finances Horoscope 2019

Gemini, 2019 marks a strong period for your finances and you have a lot to look forward to. The months of February and March in 2019 see Mars in a strong position. This gives rise to your salary as well as sources of income. However, 2019 Gemini Finances Horoscope your savings may suffer due to rise in expenses and wasteful spending. The year is not suitable for loans and you should avoid seeking it for now. From an investment point of view, you may put your money in the share market after 24th March for juicy rewards. Property or real estate may not bring out bright profits for you this year and should be avoided.

Gemini Children Horoscope 2019

The year 2019 appears to be only average for your children, Gemini. Rahu is in the 1st house, which is also the house of your ascendant. After 24th March 2019, stress may develop due to your children. They may remain irate this year and your bonding with them may suffer to an extent. Treat them with care and spend more time with them for restoring the harmony in relations. Furthermore, from 5th October 2019 to 28th October, Venus transits Libra. Children will perform well and their outlook may begin to change. Some relief is expected, as they may come closer to you.

Gemini Family & Health Horoscope 2019

Gemini, your family front may face some disturbances this year. The Gemini 2019 Family and Health Horoscope implies a good term for family relations. However, frequent clashes are likely to keep the atmosphere stressed at home. Health of your mother may need attention and you may remain worried towards her. After March 2019, tension and stress due to domestic issues can keep you occupied and may result in overthinking and anxiety. Be patient and proceed calmly. Keep a soft tone of speech and avoid aggression. Gastric issues may trouble you this year. Hence, remain careful towards your diet and consume light homely food. Drinking plenty of water will help you feel better.