The celestial Stars known as Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology: Nakshatra is the shining stars which are present among the zodiac wheel in the sky. They are twenty eight in number, in which the twenty seven Nakshatra play the vital role in Vedic Astrology to predict the events in the mundane life. The name of each Nakshatra is mention in the Vedic Astrology and also in various scriptures also in the Greek mythology, each constellation/Nakshatra has their own story on the celestial plane. The fundamental process and the flow of energy of Nakshatra are very well explain in the Vedic culture and these Nakshatra has their presence in a particular zodiac sign. If we observe the presence of Planets in a Particular Nakshatra, then all the problem and solution will come into the picture with the perfect remedies based on the Nakshatra in their birth chart.
Quarter of Nakshatra and their role our Horoscope: We all have sub sections in our life like friends, career, relationship and spirituality within which our life cycle works. All these processes of our life categories among the zodiac plane based on the quarter of Nakshatra in which all the twenty seven Nakshatra got the four sub sections in their zone as four quarters and these four quarters is named as the Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.
1. First Quarter of Nakshatra: The Duty which you need to perform in this birth can be decoded with the analysis of Nakshatra quarter present in your horoscope.
2. Second Quarter of Nakshatra: Financial gain will come to you from the second quarter of the Nakshatra.
3. Third Quarter of Nakshatra: Which work you need to do full fill your desire, will get decided by the third quarter of Nakshatra which is known as the kama/desire of your soul.
4. Fourth Quarter of Nakshatra: The ultimate bliss and happiness will be come to you with the Nakshatra present in the fourth quarter in the horoscope.

The role of Nakshatra to predict the future events: