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Is your Love Partner into you? Vedic Love Hints to find out easily

Love is a beautifully crazy feeling. You want to love someone to infinity but are afraid because you are not sure if he or she loves you back as much as you do. We all want our love to be reciprocated, because it takes away the chances of heartbreak. Until you learn to love selflessly, loving someone who doesn’t love back can be painful. Some people are vocal about their feelings while others are not. How one reacts to love and expresses this cherished emotion depends upon his or her Moon sign, the zodiac where Moon was transiting at the time of birth. That’s because Moon governs our mind, emotions and reactions.

So if you are wondering whether your partner is into you or not, Moon sign based Vedic astrology analysis below would help you spot the signs that your partner may be giving.


Aries tend to get bored easily, whether it’s their career, hobbies or even love. It takes a lot of effort to keep their attention. If your Aries partner has had a long-standing relationship with you and gives you all the attention, it’s a clear signal that they are into you. Aries also tend to become protective of their partners when in love.


Taurus feel everything through their senses thus physical touch is very important to them. It’s their way of feeling secure. So if your partner keeps touching and hugging you every now and then, it is a sign that they feel emotionally secure around you. If your Taurus partner likes you, they would shower you with compliments and gifts all the time.


If a Gemini really loves you, he or she would go out of their way to express it, from the rooftop. They will give you all the attention and would want to know all your likes and dislikes. Gemini tend to be more of a good speaker than listener. But if your Gemini partner gives you all the attention and listens to you attentively, they sure are in love with you.


When Cancer loves someone, they treat their love interest like family. If you find your Cancer partner to be caring for and protecting you like your parent, you sure are their lifeline. If they spend a lot of time with you and invite you to their home frequently, this is a clear sign that they are serious for you.


When a Leo likes someone, he or she would go out of their way to seduce their partner. If your Leo partner frequently takes you for candlelight dinners and romantic walks, it is sure sign of love. Leo will introduce you to their family and friends as they have won a trophy. You are their pride and honor and if they love you, they won’t like if someone flirt with you. Leo also tend to give expensive gifts to the one they love.


Virgo tend to be shy in displaying their emotions so you may have to be the one making the first move. If your Virgo partner complements you and finds every way to meet you as often, it’s a sure sign that they have feelings for you. You might observe a distance for a while but that’s not because they want to stay away but because they are analyzing every detail about you to assess if you are right one for them and if they should open up to you.


When a Libra loves someone, they will go the extra mile to help you out of problems. They will please you in every possible way and also make little compromises for you. Their sweet gestures would say it all.


When a Scorpio is really into someone, he will make every possible effort to maintain the sense of attraction. Scorpio lovers also become a lot protective and possessive when serious for someone. They would entertain you, chase you, text you, compliment you and never take you for granted. Your equation would be magnetic, with minimum distractions.


If a Sagittarius has feelings for you, they would straightforward tell you but it might take a long while. If they have been you for long and still haven’t expressed their love, it might be a possibility that they are afraid to take the responsibilities that come with a committed partnership. It might be good to keep your intentions clear or even better if you make the first move. They will be honest with you. Sagittarius make you laugh hard and compliment a lot when in love. They involve you in all of their life’s adventures too, like a partner in crime.


Capricorn tend to take a long time before they trust someone emotionally. If your Capricorn partner has started opening up to you and is sharing his/her deepest emotions & secrets with you, then you are surely the love of their life. As long as your partner does that, you don’t need to worry even if they don’t indulge in dramatic dating rituals and flirtations. That’s not a trait of Capricorn.


If your Aquarius partner does not spend enough time with you, don’t take it as a NO. Love has a deeper meaning for them. If an Aquarius loves you, he or she would be there with you in critical times, even if the whole world goes against you. If you can depend on your Aquarius partner, it clearly signals that they love you like crazy. And if he or she is spending enough time with you or taking out time to text frequently, you must be someone very special to them.


For Pisces, love is a magical feeling. When Pisces natives are in love, they wear their joy on the face. You might catch your Pisces partner looking at you often. Your relationship with Pisces would involve a lot of soulful eye contact. There would be endless romantic gestures and emotional moments, just like in a fairytale. Pisces are good at listening but if your Pisces partner has started talking to you very comfortably, it means you are special.

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