Leo 2019 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope 2019 | Predictions 2019 | Astrology 2019

The Leo 2019 Horoscope unveils a bright new picture for you. The year 2019 brings with it the promise for new opportunities and a plethora of beneficial chances. Make sure you grab and immediately capitalize on them to make the most out of this year. No good thing comes without a downside to it though. Expect a few bumps along the way, and with your courage and bravery, overcome whatever hurdles try to bar your success.

Leo Career Horoscope 2019

In your chart, Jupiter is transiting the 4th house and aspects your 8th, 10th and 12th houses till 7th November 2019. The year looks mostly good for your career prospects. New projects and work orders will come your way. A promotion is possible before November 2019, while a rise in salary is likely after November. Saturn transits your 5th house and aspects 7th, 11th and 2nd houses. As per Leo Career horoscope 2019, all of the year is favorable for businesses and you may expect sudden gains at work till November 2019. If seeking a govt. job, then the periods 15th April to 15th May, 18th August to 17th September, and 17th December 2019 onwards may bring the desired results.

Leo Love & Marriage Horoscope 2019

The year 2019 shows a rosy period for romantic bonding. If married, you can expect plenty of amorous ventures with your spouse this year. Your relation will mostly be cordial and plans of traveling together with result in beautiful memories for a lifetime. If in a relationship, then it is time to consider taking it to the next step and take the plunge of marriage. Romantic relations may face hurdles now. You need to be diplomatic and careful; otherwise, your relation may very well be on the verge of a breakup. If you are sure of your feelings for your partner, the best choice would be to settle down with them and let your love blossom over time. Leo Horoscope for love and marriage 2019 indicates that the period from 30th January 2019 to 24th February supports start of a new love relationship and the period from 23rd March 2019 to 16th April is auspicious for tying the knot.

Leo Finances Horoscope 2019

Financially, the year 2019 seems highly profitable for you, Leo. You can expect your income to rise significantly this year, with hefty profits and gains indicated in the Leo finances horoscope 2019. After 24th March, your income will observe a boost. Chances are profits from new work or projects will come your way now. A similar push is expected after 7th November 2019, when Jupiter aspects your house of income. If seeking a loan, you may apply for it this year. Share market is a favorable area for investing and you may do so after March. If choosing to invest in property or real estate, then the months of February and March will be profitable.

Leo Children Horoscope 2019

Leo, 2019 looks mostly favorable and positive for your children and their studies. Their outlook will mostly be positive. They will be energetic and motivated. While initially, they seem to remain sluggish till March, things will change drastically after that, and their academic performance will enhance largely. Your coordination with them is expected to remain smooth and harmonious.

Leo Family & Health Horoscope 2019

For your family front, the year 2019 may remain a period of confusions. Your bonding with your mother may face difficulties till November. Avoid using a harsh speech or getting involved in clashes with her. Relations with your siblings may suffer after March due to misunderstandings and lack of communication. Remain careful and proceed patiently. Your health looks mostly good this year, though Leo family and health horoscope for 2019 indicates possibility of skin infections during the initial stages of the year. Be careful towards any such ailments till the month of March.