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How to get your dream job The Job Hunting Tips for all 12 Zodiac Signs

You have the right skills and experience but something or the other keeps you far from landing your dream job. If you even slightly resonate with this sentence, let us tell you, there is nothing wrong with you, but may be with your planets. Job-hunting is a serious challenge, just like choosing a life partner. One wrong choice and everything falls apart. We all have our own unique challenges and follies depending upon our Moon sign that make job-hunting so daunting. Some of us blow the job interview while others end up accepting offers they don’t like. If you are aiming for a decent job, the job hunting tips below based on Vedic astrology principles would be of great help.


Have a quick scroll on the job portal and send as many interests as you can. Does the strategy sound familiar Aries? Well, it doesn’t always work that way. Pay attention to what you choose. Don’t be hasty with your job hunting process. While your spontaneity helps in coming up with quick answers during the interview, it doesn’t always help in landing the best job. Another tip is to give a second thought to what you are going to say.


Taurus, let’s face it. You are overly cautious at times, which means you might miss on a good offer just because the job profile is a bit different to what you are accustomed to or may be the workplace is a bit far. This resistance to change can become a roadblock in your career. The most profitable advice for you is to “learn to embrace the new”.


Gemini, you sure have a way with words and know how to weave your answers to make an impression but you tend to lose interest in a task way too quickly. Don’t jump to conclusions. If it seems like a monotonous job, don’t accept the offer. Make sure to give enough thought to the offer at hand and assess if it can fulfill your need for “variety”. A job that involves multitasking is best suited for you.


Cancer, your moody temperament may put off prospective employers. Don’t cancel interviews at the last minute just because you feel like and don’t attach yourself too much to a prospect either. Rejections are a prelude to success. There is no compulsion to accept an offer either, just because a friend referred you. First, make up your mind and learn to say no. Job-hunting is a no-strings-attached affair. Don’t mix personal and professional.


Leo, do not expect approval from all employers. There would be rejections and failures because nobody is perfect. You should learn to take criticism constructively and improve upon your follies than be dramatic about what the other party is losing. Learn from the mistakes you commit in an interview and do not repeat them in the next.


Virgo, make sure that the interviewer is interviewing you and not vice-a-versa. You have a habit of cross-questioning, finding faults and paying attention to every little detail. The discussion on annual trip or gratuity rules can be held off for later when the time comes. Otherwise, this may give an impression to the employer that you are rigid & fixated in your approach.


Libra, you are a people person and you know very well how to nail a job interview. But you are not a compromise-machine! When negotiating work conditions and benefits, put your expectations across clearly. You don’t have to say yes to every condition imposed. Look for balance and work out an offer that both you and the employer are comfortable with. Career is not a one-sided affair.


Scorpio, you are a determined soul. When you want something, you know how to get it. But it’s your job exit that you need to be more careful about than joining a new employer. Even if you had a bad experience with an employer, do not burn bridges. You may lose references and seem unreliable, which may not come off as very attractive to a new employer.


Sagittarius, you are an honest being but that doesn’t always work in job hunting. While no way do we recommend adding Mandarin to your language skills, but sometimes, little white lies are allowed, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like why did you leave your past employer or what your plans are. Also, you don’t generally have a filter on when someone asks for your opinion about them. So when an interviewer asks you to rate them, they definitely are not expecting a 2 out of 10.


Capricorn, you are a workaholic, of the bunch that makes great entrepreneurs. Still, if you find yourself looking for a job, it would be a good idea to shed your garb of silence. Don’t be too modest about achievements. It’s your time to speak out and show what you can do. Mention your abilities clearly both in the interview as well as resume. Don’t worry if it stretches to page 2. The idea is to not skip key details that could highlight how you are a great fit for the company.


Aquarius, you tend to look aloof and lost in your own world but make sure that your body language does not reflect this during the interview. Give all ears and attention to the interviewer. You have some eccentric tastes and hobbies but there is no need to mention all that in your resume. Try to keep it simple, otherwise, the employer may find it difficult to establish equation. It’s okay to share your peculiar passions during job interview but don’t go off topic. Relate how these hobbies can help you do well in the job under consideration.


Pisces, don’t play the victim. It’s okay if you don’t land an offer, there is no need to wear your sadness on face. And do not take a no to your heart. At the same time, learn to accept the reality. No workplace is perfect so keep your expectations low. You have a habit of disregarding reality and tend to remain in your world of imagination, thinking all is well. This keeps you stuck in unworthy jobs for a long while. If things are not going well, learn to accept it and put down papers than continue with an employer who doesn’t deserve you.

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