Have you ever wondered why some particular practices based on our zodiac sign bless us with benefits? Well, this is because our zodiac sign tells us who we are at the core of our character. Understanding planets can help us unfold many mysteries. It can also reveal the apt exercise routine for you based on your Moon sign.

Following are the exercise suggestions based on your Moon sign. So, the next time you decide to workout, consider these activities to add spark in your life.


Bold and adventurous soul, Aries can never sit back and watch other people sweating and losing calories. You prefer leading the exercise pack. For you, games like basketball or football work best. If not games, you need an hour off for cycling or martial arts or maybe activities like rock climbing or kick boxing. To match the incredible metabolism, you need a workout schedule or yoga session to keep you going and inspired.


Taurus are difficult when it comes to waking up early for exercise routines. You don’t like to practice hard-core and intense workouts. You tend to stick with your one-hour yoga sessions. That said, apart from yoga or meditation, you can go for martial arts and aerobics too. You can try activities like jogging, swimming, running or maybe playing golf. You need fun while losing pounds, therefore you can opt belly dancing too.


You long for variety and excitement, Gemini. Activities like cardio workout, high-energy sports like basketball and hockey work best for you. Even swimming and gymnastics are good for you. Learning new poses in yoga also fascinates you. You can also opt for outdoor games like badminton and volleyball.


You need a continuous dose of energy, Cancer. Power yoga and meditation works best for you. Being a water sign, swimming too will be a good option to maintain a healthy routine. Water sports keep you stress-free and fit. You can also opt for simple exercising routines like aerobics or maybe home workouts.


You love to work out and then click pictures, Leo. You know how to showcase your skills and fitness. You work best in groups so you can go for group exercise or athletics. Football, basketball, boxing, martial arts are also some choices of your type. You can opt for advanced aerobic and power yoga to satisfy your high-level energies too.


You follow an exercise routine to lead a healthy and fit life, Virgo. There is no intention to show off. The best option out of all will be long running for you. Cricket is also a good option to keep you fit. To keep stress away, you can go for meditation and yoga too.


Libra are particular about their routines and social at the same time. You will follow an exercise routine but will not shy away to display it. You work better when in groups like aerobics and martial arts. Games like tennis, badminton, and table tennis are also your interests. You can also opt personal training in a gym to flaunt your biceps and triceps. Cycling and dancing are some other options.


You love to give competition to yourself, Scorpio. You don’t like leaving any activity in between so routines like rock climbing, boxing, martial arts and power yoga suits best to your personality. With such great stamina, mountain biking and kickboxing are also some options.


Energetic Sagittarius with great metabolism, you need adventurous exercises to sleep peacefully in the night. Routines like horse-riding, aerobics, bicycling; gymnastics will work best for you. Dancing and walking too suits you best. You can also opt for rock climbing and water rafting for some occasions.


You like tracking and recording your progress, Capricorn. Sweating out at gym will work best for you. Keeping pace with the machines and tracing the records will keep you satisfied. Jogging and rock climbing are also some other options for you. Opt for pushups, pull-ups, squats, and weight training for good lung health.


You have a great grasping power, Aquarius. That is why a cardio workout or routines like martial arts and gymnastics will work best for you. To keep you mind and body healthy, methods and techniques of these workouts will come easy to you.


Being a water baby, you feel satisfied with water adventures only. Swimming, water sports, rowing are some of your interests. You can also go for hip-hop dance classes or maybe salsa. Even water aerobics and water polo activities are also good for a health exercise routine.